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Voiceover Instructor/Coach at Cashman Commercials

December 3, 2020, Marc was John Grove’s teacher

There's a good reason John Grove is an award-winning voice actor: he delivers award-winning performances. If you think your project is a potential award-winner, book a pro. Book John Grove.


John Grove was a client of Marc’s

John is one of those "go to" Voice Over Talents that always comes thru with exactly what you need when you need it!!! Great guy and easy to work with! Marc Grau




CEO at HartSounds Studio

June 28, 2011, John Grove worked with Vanessa in the same group

John is that rare voice talent who understands that it is also a business. He delivers excellent work - on time, on budget and with excellent sound quality. I would use John for any voice acting job big or small. And as an extra bonus - he is charming to work with.


May 10, 2013, sharon was a client of John Grove’s

John Grove is an amazing professional. He will not stop until his work is perfect. I loved working with him as he did the promo trailer vo for Vendetta!! Such a powerful voice and yet it comes with a good heart and character. I would definitely recommend John Grove for anyone to work with. He is a gentleman and cares about what he does and how it sounds to his clients. His voice, his personality, his demeanor and how he wants to not only do work and quality work, but he also goes a step beyond and helps those gain knowledge from his years of experience. Bravo...John is amazing..!! Sharon Whetstone Writer and producer Vendetta See less


 "I couldn't imagine my voice over journey without the help, guidance and encouragement from Mr. John Grove. He has been an instrumental part in helping me succeed and navigate the VO business by helping lay out a clear path in the direction I should take my talents and he has been spot on. I would highly recommend John to anyone seeking out a professional, experienced and truthful teacher. Thank you so much John, for all that you have given to me as well as this wonderful VO community. I look forward to continue learning and working with you. Cheers"


VOICE Actor, Writer, Editor

May 10, 2011, Hélène worked with John Grove but at different companies

Professionalism, kindness, the all important top notch skill and a strategic business sense make for one great voice actor. John has it all. He resonates with authenticity and integrity, and has 30 + years of successful partnering with businesses large and small to show for it. Just listen to him. It's all in the voice.

Weston Ray, Owner/Engineer since (1997) Great VO Talent! Very Professional In The Studio, Easy To Work With, And Takes Direction Well Weston Ray, Owner/Engineer since (1997)

September 2010
Crystel Henry-Amin

“Not Only Does John Have A Wonderful Talent As A Voice Actor, He Is Professional And A Pleasure To Work With. He Is A Man Of Integrity Which Translates Into Effort To Do The Best Job Possible For His Clients.” September 16, 2010
Crystel Henry-Amin

  QuentiN    CollieR.


Nov 5, 2010

John is a pleasure to work with: incredibly responsive and flexible. His rich voice was the perfect match for our narration project.

Lori Ann Hauser

CEO Lori Ann Hauser, Ent, LLC. Voice Talent.Coach. Director.Demo Producer.Screen Writer.Public Speaker. Sag/Aftra.

March 5, 2012, Lori Ann worked with John Grove in different groups

John has a distinctive, rare voice, that is professional and captivating to listen too. I would also like to thank John for being my mentor, once again a rare individual, who you will find nothing but honesty, a real straight forwardness and kindness to guide you in the Voice Over Business. Lori Hauser.


Independent Voice Actor and Writing Professional

November 23, 2012, Michael worked with John Grove in different groups

John is a unique force in the voiceover arena. He brings a boundless enthusiasm to every aspect of the business. His formidable talent is reflected in the myriad of projects he’s involved in, including film and TV. I feel lucky to have him as a colleague; his depth of knowledge and experience always seem to provide the right solutions to each challenge! See less


Author Inc at wolfgirl

January 18, 2012, Jennifer worked with John Grove in different groups

If you want success in your advertising...hire John Grove..the voice talent of our time. He takes you are there in the moment..and want more of the touch.,.taste and feel where ever he takes you. I have heard many voice talents..but never one so talented and filled with so much energy and honesty in his narrating . You want more. See less



SiriusXM Radio Host - Voice Actor

I've known John Grove for well over a decade now and I am the better for it. His career in VO has grown and blossomed tremendously over the years not just because of his great talent and strong work ethic, but also because of his heart. He is always looking to give other voice actors information, advice, or a hand up. He is warm and genuine and full of personality. He keeps his cool under pressure and he delivers the goods. I look forward to more opportunities to work with him in the future


Christine Padovan

Authentic, Distinctive, Compelling

October 10, 2011, John Grove worked with Christine in the same group

John is one of those rare voiceover artists who has natural talent plus is easy going and a joy to work with. He is a wonderful mentor who goes out of his way to help new talent. Highly recommended!


Sara Matsui-Colby

Bilingual Japanese American Actor and Voice Over Artist

October 14, 2014, Sara worked with John Grove but at different companies

John's reads are spot on and his work is absolutely incredible. He's a versatile actor and really knows the work and industry. If you're looking for a strong voice actor, John is definitely your man. He's inspiring to work with and also a great and motivating teacher to have.

May 15, 2013, John Grove was senior to Steve but didn’t manage directly

JOHN is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and a huge voice talent. He is THE "Go To" if you are looking for voice over and/or promotional work. John has been a wealth of knowledge and advice in helping me advance my career in the business.


Actor, writer, editor

May 17, 2011, Janet worked with John Grove but at different companies

John and I have participated together in voiceover training workshops through Nakamoto Productions over the past couple of years. I've watched him progress from novice to seasoned professional in a very short period of time, thanks to his strong focus and commitment to the craft and his determinati


 See more


John Groves is a consummate professional voice actor. His long career includes major brands and top clients. In addition to this he is a joy to work with and despite his major career successes he is humble and kind to everyone he interacts with. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for many years and he is also a mentor and encourager of voice actors. I highly recommend him. Nancy German Voice Actor


John did a great job in all aspects of the project. His work was top notch, he was available to talk with me and I was able to provide feedback quickly and get changes back almost immediately. I highly recommend John for any project that you would need him for.

Ray Nakamoto
Nakamoto Productions

I Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With John In Workshops! Skilled classes! And In The Production Studio Including Directing And Coaching John On Commercial And Narration Audio Voice Over Production  John Has A Rare, Authentic, Resonant Voice. I Would Highly Recommend John Grove For Any Of Your Commercial VO Projects. He Is A Dedicated Professional Voice Over Actor!!

TubeMogul 'Wild West'2007

Dillon’s Rolling  Western

 Hey John Good To hear form you man. So do you think you can do two explaner videos for Nintendo in 3 days? If so we want your voice on these jobs  
Thank you Tucker Kellogg

 John's reads are spot on and his work is absolutely AWESOME FOR OUR WESTERN EXPLANER VIDEO"S . He's a versatile actor and really knows HIS work and industry. If you're looking for a strong DEEP voice actor, John is definitely your man. 


Voice Actor I Writer I Producer I Entrepreneur I Humanitarian

December 11, 2020, Debbe worked with John Grove in different groups

John Grove is an Award Winning Voice Actor for good reason. His rich, resonate, distinctive voice always makes any story he's telling, from in-show narration to tv promo and movie trailer, compelling. He loves what he does and it shows in his work. If you want your story to stand out, work with John! He makes the whole recording process easy and fun. See less

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